Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sermon Notes for August 28

TextHebrews 13:1-8

First Thoughts – Last week, we read through Hebrews 12 and examined where we stand with God, which is on Mt. Zion surrounded by His glory.  While it is well and good that our future is in God’s hands, we also receive strength to stand up for what is right in this life.  The next chapter of Hebrews shows us how while also giving some more “Rock Solid” Good News to encourage us on the way.

Sermon Title and Outline – “Rock Solid 2: Take A Stand”

Introduction: There and back again
I.                   Take a stand against selfishness (13: 1-3)
II.                Take a stand for marriage (4)
III.             Take a stand against greed (5-6)
IV.            Take a stand for your leaders (7)

V.               When we stand up for Jesus (8)

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sermon Notes for August 21

First Thoughts – Hebrews is a journey between two covenants and, in the text for this Sunday, a journey between two mountains.  To demonstrate the fullness of God’s plan for salvation, the writer paints a vivid portrait of that journey which we take by faith.

Sermon title and outline – “Rock Solid 1: Where Do We Stand?”

Introduction – the joy of mountains
I.                   God’s Presence on Mt. Sinai (12:18-21)
a.     Darkness
b.    Fear
c.     Death
II.                God’s Presence on Mt. Zion (12:22-24)
a.     Light
b.    Joy
c.     Eternal Life

III.             Where do we stand? (vs. 28-29)

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Go and Do Likewise!

Enjoy a second sermon from the month of July and some of our worship at Bethany Lutheran Church in Alexandria, Virginia is shared in this podcast.  The last episode featured a teaching on evangelism.  This episode is all about mercy in the parable of the Good Samaritan.  Before and after the sermon, listen for the sweet sounds of C2W (Created 2 Worship).  

Article 7 Sermons

Thursday, July 28, 2016


Uh... hello?  It has been quite a while since the last podcast.  We left off half way through "The Story" and will have to go back and pick it up at some point.  In the meantime, life at Bethany Lutheran Church has gone on.  In July, I did two sermons that were based on the Gospel of Luke, chapter 10.  The first was presented on July 3.  That Sunday, we also had a little fun with America's birthday thanks to the musical talents of Linda and Lindsay Hemphill.  

Article 7 Sermons

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Sermon Notes for July 10

Time + Eighth Sunday after Pentecost

Text + Luke 10:25-37

First Thoughts + "A lawyer stood..." - this is in the context of Jesus rejoicing in God's work through the 72 who were sent to surrounding villages and towns.  Afterward, a lawyer approaches Him.  This is not the kind we think of in the 21st century.  This lawyer spent his time studying God's Word and sharing his learning.  We could make a lot of assumptions about him, but the text gives us two very big clues as to his disposition: 1) He says, "what must I do..." and 2) he wanted to justify himself.  Jesus has to first change the man's perspective with a parable before He can get to the man's heart.  

Title and Outline + "Go and Do Likewise"

I. From the Lawyer's Perspective (25-29)
II.  From the Perspective of Jesus (30-37)
III.  Application: Doing Mercy

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sermon Notes for July 3

The original "Go" graphic is By Raymond1922A (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.  

Time + The Seventh Sunday after Pentecost

Text + Luke 10:1-20

First Thoughts + In Luke's Gospel, there is a turning point for Jesus and His disciples in chapter 9 when Jesus "sets His face" to go to Jerusalem.  Those who follow after that do so with the cross and suffering in view.  The next chapter opens with a lot of kinetic energy.  Jesus is about to go into certain towns, and He sends 72 disciples ahead of Him.  What can modern day disciples of Jesus learn from all this activity?

Title and Outline + "Go!"

- with prayer (v. 2)
- with urgency (v. 3-4)
- with peace (v. 5-12)
 - with power (v. 16-20)

+ At 8:45AM, the adult Sunday School will feature some more in-depth study of the Gospel of Luke, chapter 10.  For the children, a special series of Summer Sunday School lessons will begin in the sanctuary.  Bethany worship follows at 10.  We also have our "African Style" service at 1PM led by Rev. Joseph B. Davis.

This weekend, our nation celebrates another birthday on "Independence Day".  Look for special music and prayers for God to bless America, this Sunday.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sermon Notes for June 26

This week, we continue a series based on a new Stewardship study, which is available for free from Concordia Publishing House.

Here is the introduction for this week's study and sermon:

Stewardship is about much more than money, fund-raising, or an annual campaign at church. Stewardship includes our whole life as we learn to manage the many gifts that our gracious giver God bestows upon us. All of our Christian faith and life is stewardship—or better, management—of God’s many and varied gifts. This management of God’s gifts describes how we believe and live as God’s created, redeemed, and sanctified children in all of life. 
In this third Bible study, we discuss managing God’s gift of time in our work and our relaxation. God gives all of us the very same 24 hours in a day and the same 365 days in a year. How can we manage our time to glorify God and serve our neighbors in our daily vocations? How can we escape the pressures of overloaded schedules and guard against self-centeredly wasting our time? We live by the grace of God as He sanctifies our time with His Word and prayer (1 Timothy 4:5).

As we consider God's gift of time, a portion of our appointed Gospel lesson from Luke 9 gives us instruction on how to prioritize items in our busy schedule.  As Jesus was journeying with His face set to the cross, he receives three requests from people.  Two of them have some business to attend to "first."  There is a reminder in the words of Jesus to the would-be disciples what things are to come first for God's family.  

I hope you will spend some time in God's Word with us.  Our adult Sunday School class begins at 8:45 AM, and worship is at 10AM.  We also have a special outreach service at 1PM.  At this time, the Bethany family is considering a "Time and Talent" sheet that was distributed at last week's worship service.  Please take a moment to fill this out and return it to the church office, this week.  This will be a great benefit to our new directors as they think about the teams that will be needed to help the Bethany family "Grow in faith and service to others."  

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